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Do you think it’s possible to live life without plastic
Wondering how to do it or at least get started? You’ve come to the right place. 
JaraJar makes package free grocery shopping easy, convenient and affordable for everyone.

Good for you, not just Zero Waste.
Our system is designed to be a wonderful gift to help you to be eco-friendly, easy and affordable. It’s a win-win that makes everyone happy and low impact lifestyle. We compare prices with Woolworths and Checkers to ensure our products will be on the same price level.

Red Lentils bag | jarajar
Jarajar zero waste

Since i’ve decided to live as zero waste as possible, I’ve decided to take control of the single use plastic.

We are on a is on a mission to delivers, package free groceries in a wonderful, reusable, eco friendly glass jar. We pick, pack and ship Jara Jars to your door.
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Be-earth friendly and produce no waste. There is a small R50 deposit fee for the glass jar. You will  enjoy the jars on your kitchen counter. Time to order the next round? Handover your empty jars, when we deliver your new order. Easy, earth friendly and affordable for every one. Try it yourself!

I truly believe zero waste beauty is so much more than buying tools and gadgets that will replace your original plastic-wrapped option. I think that a minimalistic and essential lifestyle can give you so much more happiness and freedom.

Wonderful concept and the quality of the goodies is excellent. Most delicious activated granola. I’ll be back!
Natasja Coetzee

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