What is Green Delivery?

We thought, let’s go green as much as we can, what about delivery? Could a green delivery be an option for our brand? Is this way of delivering  sustainable and reasonable for our customers?

In short, green delivery is the most productive way of transporting goods. Either cluster deliveries all together until the delivery truck is full before sending it out for delivery, or consider using a carbon-efficient transport such as bicycles, e-bikes or electric vehicles.  

Sustainable shipping can take longer than other deliveries but it is more efficient. Together we can do this and reduce the air pollution, single product packaging etc.

Is Green Delivery The Only Option?

We all want to go green! The results of our questionnaire, 88% of customers don’t mind waiting longer for a delivery if it meant that there were less emissions and congestion as a result efficient delivery method. Delivery is free if. you send over R400 (on products) or more and we offer Green Delivery for free.

Inspired To Buy With Jarajar?

We promise, you will find this way of eco shopping more engaging and rewarding. See our bestsellers, nut-butters and baking products in the shop. 

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