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We bottle and deliver honest, local products directly from the source.

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“We think food and household essentials look and feel better without the plastic packaging. That’s why we launched JaraJar to help consumers shop smarter and with a conscience.”♻

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Welcome to Jarajar

I truly believe in real food, know the source and taste the difference. Don’t take my word for it, but give it a try. 
After several years, I have handpicked my suppliers with care and test them with every delivery.

Since i’ve decided to live as zero waste as possible, I’ve decided to take control of the single use plastic. It is so much more than only buying food and gadgets that will replace your original plastic-wrapped option. I think that a minimalistic and essential lifestyle can give you so much more happiness and freedom. 

We are on a is on a mission to delivers, package free groceries in a wonderful, reusable, eco friendly glass jar. We pick, pack and ship Jara Jars to your door and if our products are not biodegradable, they are 100% reusable. 

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It is about living in harmony with nature

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